November 6 - Leaders

Current Series – Anxiety Monster

Sometimes we think of Anxiety as something that some people have and other people don’t have, but anxiety is something we all carry with us. We just carry it at different levels. For some of us it is barely noticeable, yet for others it is crippling. The goal is not for us to get rid of our anxiety; the goal is for us to put our anxiety in its proper place. It’s like we all have this pet anxiety monster that we carry with us everywhere we go. It starts out small and manageable, but it can quickly grow into something that causes a lot of trouble in our lives. In this series we will talk about what types of things our pet anxiety monster feeds on, and how we can put it on a diet.

This week’s bottom line: e can’t choose what we’ve been given, but we can choose what we focus on.

Huddle time: Here’s some ideas to help generate conversations during that time:

  1. The weather has been crazy! With snow in the air what is your go to hot drink this winter?

  2. Ask each student to share a high and a low from their week.

Teaching Discussion: Here are some questions to help you create conversation around the night’s topic. Remember that you don’t have to make it through all of these questions! They are simply a tool to help you facilitate conversation.Out of the list of stressful situations listed at the beginning. Which gives you the most anxiety?  

  1. What are the major distractions in your life, Things that you know shouldn’t be the main point, but you can’t stop thinking about them? 

  2. What should you focus on instead of the distractions?  

  3. Jesus tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God.” What do you think that looks like for your life? What things should you start doing? What things should you stop doing?  

  4. Explain what you think this phrase means: “If you seek everything, you get nothing, but if you seek one thing, you get everything.” 

  5. What did you think about The Stream Practice? Was it helpful? Did you experience more or less distractions?  


November 27th

Friends! We incorrectly stated earlier in the year on our calendar that we would be meeting for Lifeline on November 27th. However, we will NOT be meeting that Wednesday for Lifeline. We apologize for the confusion! Let your campus staff know if you have any questions on scheduling.

Snow Camp

You can now register for Snow Camp! There is a bunch of information about camp, so head on over to the events page to get up to speed and start the registration process!


We created a devotional to go along with our teaching series this month. We’d love for you and your students to give it a try and take this step to regularly be in the bible as we have conversations around these feelings of anxiety and stress.

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