October 9 - Leaders

Hype Night!

No leader meeting this week! You can arrive at 6:30pm! If you’d like to eat dinner at Lifeline, we’ll have pizza that will be available to you and students around 7:15pm.

Tonight at each campus is Hype Night! This is an evening where we focus on building relationships with our small groups by just having fun together. Students will meet in their small groups to start off the evening and then will be dismissed to spend the evening with their small group doing any of the activities we have available. We’ll have lots of options ranging from octoball, 9-square, and basketball to board games, crafts, bingo, a movie, and food! We’re so excited for the fun we’ll have together.

Huddle time: We’ll start the night with Huddle! This will be the primary time of the evening that you’ll be in a group having intentional conversation. Use this time well!

  1. Ask a Ice-Breaker question that we used during leader meeting that night

  2. Share Highs & Lows from the past week

  3. Consider talking about sticking together as a group and doing the activities together.

  4. Ask students what activities they want to do together this evening

    • Octoball Tournament, Crafts, Bingo, Movie, etc


Leadership Focus

Our annual Leadership Focus is coming soon, which is an event for anyone who is a leader within our church family (pssst that’s you). Because your leadership role is vital to Ada Bible Church’s mission and the thousands of people it serves, we would love for you to join us Saturday, October 12th for Leadership Focus.

When: Saturday, October 12, 8:45am
Where: East Paris Campus - 1640 East Paris Ave Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Operation Christmas Child

We are excited to work with Operation Christmas Child again this year at Lifeline. Over the coming weeks we will be collecting gifts for OCC that we will then package into shoeboxes on October 23, which Samaritans Purse will then send all over the world to kids, and pair that with an amazing Jesus message. So we need your help! Each week, we’re collecting gifts for:

  • 2-4 year old kids

  • 5-9 year old kids

  • 10-14 year old kids

Please keep these categories in mind when shopping:

  • Wow items (like stuffed animals)

  • Personal Care items (body soap)

  • Clothing & Accessories

  • Crafts & Activities

  • Toys

What ideas for what to shop for or want to learn more about Operation Christmas Child? Head to: www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/what-goes-in-my-shoebox-suggestions

Bring Your Bibles!

We would love for students to bring their Bibles to Lifeline this year! We are hoping this helps students become more familiar with the habit of opening up and reading from their Bible; it will also help them more easily follow along with the teaching at Lifeline!

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