October 2 - Leaders

Current Series – SHIFT

Throughout his life, Jesus interacted with a bunch of different people. He interacted with insiders and outsiders, the rich and the poor, the lonely and the popular and everything in between; there is one thing that just about all of his interactions had in common: There was something so special and compelling and life-changing about Jesus that every interaction caused a shift..
A shift in what people believed about themselves.
A shift in what people focused on in life.
A shift in understanding of love and life and wholeness.
There is something special and compelling and life-changing about Jesus…
That every interaction with him causes us to shift.
Shift our focus.
Shift what we believe about ourselves.
Shift what we care about.

This week’s bottom line: Every failure is a fork.

Huddle time: A reminder that this is a time to just share life and talk about the week! Here are some ideas to help you get conversation started:

  1. Ask a Ice-Breaker question that we used during leader meeting that night

  2. Ask each student to share a high and a low from their week

Teaching Discussion: Here are some questions to help you create conversation around the night’s topic. Remember that you don’t have to make it through all of these questions! They are simply a tool to help you facilitate conversation.

  1. How will you remind yourself of God’s plan for your future when you fail? 

  2. How do you own your mistakes as you follow Jesus while not letting your mistakes define you?  

  3. How can deal honestly with failures in your life while not letting them define you? What’s the difference?  

  4. Have someone in the group read John 13:36-38; then have them read John 13:36-14:3. What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled.” ?  

  5. What can we do as a group to remind each other to trust in Jesus’ future for us when one of us fails? 

  6. Do you have any failures you want to share with the group that we can help you with or pray for you through? 


Hype Night!

We are making a change to our original plans for Hype Night! On our yearly calendar, Hype Night is scheduled to be held at one location, however our weekly attendance has been much higher than we anticipated (which is awesome!). In an effort to keep the experience fun and not over crowed we are now going to hold Hype Night at each of our campuses. So you will be heading to your normal campus next week, October 9th, for Lifeline! Ask your campus staff if you have any questions regarding this!

Leadership Focus

Our annual Leadership Focus is coming soon, which is an event for anyone who is a leader within our church family (pssst that’s you). Because your leadership role is vital to Ada Bible Church’s mission and the thousands of people it serves, we would love for you to join us Saturday, October 12th for Leadership Focus.

When: Saturday, October 12, 8:45am
Where: East Paris Campus - 1640 East Paris Ave Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Operation Christmas Child

We are excited to work with Operation Christmas Child again this year at Lifeline. Over the coming weeks we will be collecting gifts for OCC that we will then package into shoeboxes on October 23, which Samaritans Purse will then send all over the world to kids, and pair that with an amazing Jesus message. So we need your help! Each week, we’re collecting gifts for:

  • 2-4 year old kids

  • 5-9 year old kids

  • 10-14 year old kids

Please keep these categories in mind when shopping:

  • Wow items (like stuffed animals)

  • Personal Care items (body soap)

  • Clothing & Accessories

  • Crafts & Activities

  • Toys

What ideas for what to shop for or want to learn more about Operation Christmas Child? Head to: www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/what-goes-in-my-shoebox-suggestions

Bring Your Bibles!

We would love for students to bring their Bibles to Lifeline this year! We are hoping this helps students become more familiar with the habit of opening up and reading from their Bible; it will also help them more easily follow along with the teaching at Lifeline!

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