October 16 - Leaders

Current Series – SHIFT

Throughout his life, Jesus interacted with a bunch of different people. He interacted with insiders and outsiders, the rich and the poor, the lonely and the popular and everything in between; there is one thing that just about all of his interactions had in common: There was something so special and compelling and life-changing about Jesus that every interaction caused a shift..
A shift in what people believed about themselves.
A shift in what people focused on in life.
A shift in understanding of love and life and wholeness.
There is something special and compelling and life-changing about Jesus…
That every interaction with him causes us to shift.
Shift our focus.
Shift what we believe about ourselves.
Shift what we care about.

This week’s bottom line: Everything you need can only be found in Jesus.

Huddle time: Here’s some ideas to help generate conversations during that time:

  1. Ask a Ice-Breaker question that we used during leader meeting that night

  2. Ask each student to share a high and a low from their week.

Teaching Discussion: Here are some questions to help you create conversation around the night’s topic. Remember that you don’t have to make it through all of these questions! They are simply a tool to help you facilitate conversation.

  1. Did you make a decision to follow Jesus tonight? Why or why not?

  2. Who is Jesus to you? If you have a relationship with Jesus, why did you make that decision?

  3. Do you find yourself wishing Jesus showed up more in your life?

  4. In what ways have you seen Jesus working in your life?

  5. What’s the difference between someone who wants to get things from Jesus and someone who wants to follow him?

  6. What is the most compelling thing have you learned about Jesus tonight? Or in this series?


Dinner This Week

Friends, we’re having some classic WALKING TACOS for dinner this week. It’s going to be delicious.

Bring Your Bibles!

We would love for students to bring their Bibles to Lifeline this year! We are hoping this helps students become more familiar with the habit of opening up and reading from their Bible; it will also help them more easily follow along with the teaching at Lifeline!

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