September 11 - Leaders

Current Series – Welcome to the Fam

What is Lifeline? Is it a program? A ministry of Ada Bible Church? A place to get candy and laugh and play games? Is it a group of people? Well—it’s all of those things, but more than anything we want this place to feel like a family. A family where we celebrate each other, serve each other, and remind each other who we really are. So whether you have been here for years or this is your first time here, welcome to the fam.

This week’s bottom line: We love one another as Christ loved us. By Including, By Serving, and by Sacrificing.

Huddles start this week! A reminder that your students will be directed right from check-in to a designated area for you and your group. This is a place to just share life and talk about the week! Here are some ideas to help you get conversation started:

  1. Ice-Breaker Question: You received a $100 to do ANYTHING in Grand Rapids, what are you going to do?

  2. Ask each student to share a high and a low from their week

  3. Another ice-breaker: If you could only pick one, what would you pick: Amazon Prime, Netflix or Spotify Premium?

Teaching Discussion: Here are some questions to help you create conversation around the night’s topic. Remember that you don’t have to make it through all of these questions! They are simply a tool to help you facilitate conversation.

  1. Is it hard for you to let someone else get the last cookie, or get the last piece of pizza, if you really want it?

  2. Does your group of friends exclude other people or include other people? Do they exclude/include others on purpose?

  3. How can you be better at including others?

  4. Do you know anyone who is really good at serving others?

  5. Are you willing to serve others who could never serve you in return?

  6. What would you be willing to sacrifice in order to serve and include other people.


Bring Your Bibles!

We would love for students to bring their Bibles to Lifeline this year! We are hoping this helps students become more familiar with the habit of opening up and reading from their Bible; it will also help them more easily follow along with the teaching at Lifeline!

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