October 23 - Parents

Operation Christmas Child - Serving Night

Tonight our students have the awesome opportunity to serve together as a Lifeline family. We are working with Samaritans Purse to pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child. All over the world there are kids who have never received a Christmas gift or heard the story of Jesus. Over the last couple week we have been collecting supplies that we will be packing into shoeboxes that Operation Christmas Child (OCC) will then ship all over the world to these children, allowing us a chance to give them a Christmas gift, but also an opportunity for OCC to share the story of Jesus with them through local pastors.

We so excited and thankful for our students & your families generosity and that we can do something so simple to impact kids around the world.

Here are some questions you can ask your student about the night to hopefully fuel some cool conversations!

1. What kind of gifts did you pack in your box/boxes tonight?

2. Did you and your group pray over any of the shoeboxes you packed?


Snow Camp

Registration for snow camp will be opening soon! We’ll be sure to let you know here, and on our Facebook once it goes live. In the meantime we’d love to have you save the date!

January 3-5
6:30pm Drop-Off
2:00pm Return & Pick-Up

Bring Your Bibles!

We would love for students to bring their Bibles to Lifeline this year! We are hoping this helps students become more familiar with the habit of opening up and reading from their Bible; it will also help them more easily follow along with the teaching at Lifeline!

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